Types of Internet connections

The availability of the Internet in an apartment or private house is a prerequisite for almost every owner. There are several ways to connect to the network. The choice of a specific option is made based on the technical capabilities of providers operating in the region, the cost of equipment and installation work, prices for monthly maintenance, and the terms of network use provided.

The options for connecting to the Internet

In the early years of network development, operators provided access to resources via ADSL connections, when telephone wire was used as the communication channel. Minimal data transfer speeds, persistent connection interruptions, and high service charges were standard issues. With the development of information technologies, new data transmission channels have appeared, the main of which are:

  • A dedicated line that is not much better than connecting via telephone wire.
  • The connection using an Ethernet network wire is reliable and high-speed.
  • Connecting with a fibre-optic cable that guarantees high-speed information exchange and high-quality signal.
  • Wireless switching using satellite channels is used when it is not technically possible to lay a communication cable.
  • Mobile connection, where the equipment of mobile operators acts as a repeater.

Popular methods are network and optical connections. Wireless switching is used when there are no other options, and dedicated lines are used only in extreme cases.

Features and advantages of Internet connections

When using the Ethernet Protocol, the user receives a reliable and stable channel that can be used for data transmission over the Internet, as well as for receiving television channels. The provider lays a cable to the client’s home or apartment, puts a router or connects the wire directly to the computer. The speed of information exchange depends on the selected tariff plan and in most cases, suits the apartment owner.

Fibre-optic switching method involves organizing the appropriate communication channel and installing a special modem in the apartment. Desoldering the connecting cable is performed by the provider’s masters using special equipment. The speed of data exchange, stability and reliability make this option the most popular, despite the high cost.

You can also get Internet access outside of the city if there are no wired communication channels. Installation of a satellite antenna will allow you to organize high-speed Internet access almost anywhere. Disadvantages of this method include a high cost. Using a mobile operator’s data network is also a popular option. It is enough to have the provider tower in the visible area to get access to the network. If the tower is remote, it is allowed to install signal amplifiers.

Connecting to the Internet in any specified way is an opportunity to access the world wide web at the right time. The specific option depends on the technical capabilities of the operators, the customer’s needs and the cost of services.

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